Complement Meditated Enhancement of
Antibody Production


IgG Production by LPS-stimulated Young Lymphocytes in the Presence of IC and Compelment-Treated Young and Old FDCs at two weeks of culture

Based on our FDC-B cell molecular interaction model (refer to model below) and previously known 90% deficit in Ag trapping by old FDCs, we postulated that FDC-CD21-CD21L-B cell binding may be reduced on account of a lack of FDC-IC binding of CD21. This experiment shows that addition of OVA-anti-OVA+C’(CD21) reduced the age-related problem and essentially repaired the costimulation by old FDCs. See publication for further details: [REF]

FDC-B cell molecular interaction model: for more information, refer to "A Model of Costimulation by FDCs (A molecular model)" on home page.